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I love this gift.... It's so moving.  I wrote a love letter to my own daughter before she was born.  I have it framed in her room now and she can keep it forever.  (so can I...) 

Digital format allows you do reprint as many as you'd like for whomever you'd like.  This is a wonderful gift for everyone.


These are great personalized novelty gifts for anyone as well.  THAT design allows for more customization so you can really say and do what you'd like with the image.  The GREAT thing about this is you can print as many as you want.   Forget going to the local photo-print and paying for one!


Digital cameras have changed the way we take and keep photos.  You can still recapture those images from the past with restoration.  Also timeless images that need additional touch-ups or background imaging.  All this can be accomplished and returned to you in a digital form.

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