We are so impressed and can't believe our eyes!

site is beyond fabulous! My partner had to go to Detroit and is back in town tonight.  I will see her tomorrow and get back to you ASAP! Again, the site is AWESOME!  I will get back to you tomorrow afternoon.  We are so impressed and can't believe our eyes!

Thank you so very much!
Mission Accomplished

Wow! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!

Thank you for the banner! You didn't have to do that!!! That's so sweet of you. It's beautiful!!! I'm a graphics NUT!!!!! (But I don't know how to make them.) I replaced my title with your banner and it looks great!

Do you have a website I could promote because I'm going to put up a post giving you credit for the banner and I'll link your name to your website if you have one. Let me know.

My blog looks so much better now! I also like the font change on 'and a handful of fun'. Genius! It matches the background perfectly also!  I'm totally loving my new header! I can't believe you did this - thank you so much! I told my hubby about it and he can't wait to see it. He also says thank you.

I'm off to exercise again at 5:55am. Thanks again for the header! I LOVE it! It's so pretty. :)

The Queen Size Commentary

That Design Chick simply delivers in every aspect.


She's creative - always comes up with tasteful, unique, eye-catching designs. Her work is always on time, if not completed ahead of deadlines. That Design Chick is also extremely reasonable when it comes to pricing. She has been an absolute joy to work with on projects and there is no doubt this will continue for years to come. When it comes to design it's very important to work with someone you get along with, is trustworthy and does excellent work, She is THAT and more!
Web Feat, Inc.

I just wanted to thank you for your time and effort in all of this.

I feel like I should be paying you more ;-)  Also, let me know if there is anything I can do for you to make whatever you are doing a little easier. Again, I am grateful. Thank you.

American Idol Contestant

They went beyond the call of duty.

I feel we were blessed to have you on our side.  You are the best small business company in town.


I will try to keep my comments to a small novel, but it will be difficult...

I was coaching a team in and needed a sponsor to help cover the cost of team uniforms and trophies at the end of the year. I contacted them and they agreed to be our sponsor.

My dealings with sponsors in the past consisted of them giving the
Recreation Club a check and we put their name on the uniforms. Then at the
end of the year you send them a team picture. I thought this year would be
no different - boy was I wrong!

They wanted to do much more for the players. It started out with a website they created for my team so family members could keep up with the games. They took all the pictures and even a few short videos of the games and placed them on the website. This was a big hit with family members who didn't live in the area, and the kids were excited about seeing themselves on the web and it didn't stop there!

During the game they would set up the "Snack Shack" for the kids and their families. I promised to keep this short so I won't list all the items they had. They provided drinks, chips, gum, cookies, and so much more for every single game.

After one game they paid to have pizzas delivered to the ball field for the team after the game. They signed all the kids up for the Local Kids Club and covered the cost. They thought of the parents as well and had a drawing each game for a Wal-Mart gift card valued at $25.00.  When it came time to end the season they were there with more surprises.

They provided each player and coach with a 40 minute DVD covering the entire season. I can't put into words how special this made the players feel. These kids will never forget the year they played T-Ball. If more people and businesses put this kind of effort into community activities what
a world it would be. I only hope to be as active and give as much as THAT chick.

Head Coach

We were all truly amazed by their devotion!

In 8 years of baseball, from tee ball to middle school ball, I have never experienced anyone's dedication in sponsoring a team like this. They did not just sponsor the team, they came with smiles on their faces, a digital camera and a U-haul full of snacks and drinks (brought ice and cups and apologized for the drinks being warm).

They not only brought smiles to the kids faces but to their parents' as well. Not knowing any of the kids or their parents, they brought us together as a team. I have never met anyone that sponsors a team that truly cared about each and every one of the kids. We were all truly amazed by their devotion!  They gave us their time after having worked a full day and gave us some great memories of 2006 tee ball season. I am truly amazed that if they sponsor a tee ball team like this, then they must be just as dedicated to their business!

Assistant Coach 

I appreciate everything you did for us.  

You guys went over and beyond your call of duty.   I appreciate everything you did for us.   I tried to work on it all night but I am not computer savvy enough to do it right. 


I want a memorial page done for her, her family and friends...

I wanted to ask a huge favor from you. I do not know anyone that can make Web Pages and graphics anymore and I never knew anyone that could put a page together as quick as you, you are talented with websites and things, Anyway, My best friend in the whole world , since 3rd grade was killed in a car accident and, I want a memorial page done for her, her family and friends... With a memorial book to sign and stuff nothing huge. Just  maybe one good page or a couple with a book. I know this will help with the healing. 

Thank you so much.



You guys are the best!!!!!  

The pictures are great and you all are so wonderful!! I have been telling the everyone to check out the website.  You guys are the best!!!!!  

Take care.


Thank you for all the work. The site looks great! I do have a logo, and a lot of information I want to post on the site, but everything I have in MS Works.  You transferring all of the information over for me saved me DAYS of work.  I've been trying to get my husband to do this for me for over 2 years.  You had it completed the NEXT DAY!!!   I can't believe it.

Mrs. Boling

You saved me so much time...

The site is absolutely fabulous. You saved me so much time and you did a fantastic job.....it is just what we wanted.
Thanks so much. We love it.
For Sale By Owner

I just don't really understand how this all works.

I just saw this.  It looks Awesome. I am sorry if I came across a little short before, I just don't really understand how this all works. I am still learning.  I do know that I have one goal in mind and that is to create this unique website and you made that happen!!  I see you not only as a very talented Professional, but a friend as well.

Just Awesome!
Business Owner

I was wondering if you can help me with something.

After marveling at what you've done with the wedding website, I was wondering if you can help me with something.  I really like what you did with the images I gave you.  You did a great job of cleaning up the photo and the letter placement looks great.  That's what I call service.  Also, I've gotten some really good feedback on the new ad you did for me.  Words like "impressive" and "distinguished" are coming back in the comments and I've ordered business cards last night from the company I usually use. I show you a copy when they arrive.


The singing part is your "hook"...it's really unique.
I just heard the latest retro news and it was great.....you two make a great team with the writing and the reading/singing.  The singing part is your "hook"...it's really unique.  If you don't do something about getting this feature out to stations, then it is only a matter of time before someone copies it.....

Music News Fan

I'll use it next week in the local paper!

You Are GOOOOOD!  You Have a Talent!  It Looks great and I'll use it next week in the local paper! How did you do that so quickly?  It looks very good....I'll make a few changes like a bold border but the photo was what I was more concerned about.  Thanks a lot.  I really appreciate your help.


You are extremely talented...

Thank you so much for the reply, you are extremely talented. Austin told
me how you became friends and kinda told me how fond of your work he was.

Thanks again for the file!
Austin Young Music