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I'm very good at turning ideas into something that you can see, feel and as equally importantly, touch.  But, THAT Design Chick may just be your answer to several of your needs...even those you haven't really thought about.

To give you additional information about THAT Chick's background

She has an extensive background with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) and has created several "templates" for small business's that assist in adding to the professionalism of their company.  It's also a "Boost" for that client when they see it and makes them feel as if they are heading in the right direction, moving forward, becoming more and more a business success.  Even saying "Wow, we really look like we are somebody!"

Applications for employment
Emergency Contact Forms
Letterhead Stationary
Fax Cover Sheets
Custom Mailers
Certificates of Appreciation
Business Cards etc.
Re-Creation of misplaced forms
and much more... if you have a need, just ask and I may have the answer.


Now that technology has evolved, THAT Chick is able to also offer DVD infomercials/presentations for everyone Lawn care, Daycare, Elderly Care... Insurance Companies, Ma & Pa Convenience Stores, Fire Departments, Weddings, birthdays, graduations, life time-lines, photo family trees... all set to music including voice audio clips.  (Have your own "commercial" at a fraction of the expected cost.  Play it on your website or use with other forms of media.)

  WebComs (web commercials)
Photo Enhancements of all kinds
Events set to music on a DVD
Weddings, Reunions, Birthdays, etc.
"Talking Family Trees" record your voice along with your photo to leave a legacy.


In that time of sorrow, to honor a loved one, we can create a dedicated web page with guest book, photos, memories, personal stories etc. that is more affordable than packages offered through funeral homes (click here for their example.) Also I am able to produce better design options for memorials.  All you need is access to a printer. (did you know the guestbook and handouts cost nearly $200.00! - click here for their pricing.)

Memorial Webpage with photo gallery, story page, guestbook and more

Personalized Bookmarks/Poems
Custom Memories Collection Video Tribute
Thank You Cards
Basic, Bi-fold Memorial Folders

Please feel free to ask me about what I may be able to assist you with in this time of need.  Funeral Homes often say "We have several packages" and give you the price for the entire package.  When you review the items separately, you may find that you can save more by providing certain items yourself.  I am here to help.