Special Birthdays, Class/Family Reunions, NASCAR fan passes... it's endless.
If you can think of it, then I'll design it.

For INDEPENDENT ARTIST, I can provide your passes!  How awesome is THAT?  Your friends and fans showing up to the venue wearing them around their necks.  Better yet, wearing them ALL DAY LONG before the show while working and people asking "What's THAT??"  What a way to advertise you have a gig!  I can also design your album cover and banner-link items for fan sites, etc.

For SMALL BUSINESS, you can look like every other big business while your employees all wear their company badges.  I can also place a photo I.D. on them as well. 

YAY! GO TEAM!!!  Show up at the away games sporting your team logos, colors and your TEAM PASS, how impressive is THAT

Design prices start at $25 dollars.  You can even sell them for $1, to help as a booster for the athletic department.

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